Like Malleo,Doge and Weegee,Yushee is an internet meme made to look like Yoshi,his real counterpart,while Malleo and Weegee to look like Mario and Luigi. Yushee has some similarities as well.


Yoshi began his adventure in 1998-2001. His first appearance as Yushee was on the internet,After Weegee was born. Since then,now,Weegee is an internet meme,as you might already know. Yushee looks very simmilar to Yoshi,despite the behavior. Malleo know. Crazy for fire flowas. Malleo betrayed Yoshi, only to get Yushee. See Malleo for the full story.


Yushee has a long toungh,MASSIVE nose,a saddle and a tail,simmilar to Yoshi. Malleo rides him sometimes,followed by Weegee doing the same thing. You may also notice the "M" on Yushee's saddle.The combined Malleo's "Death Stare" and Yushee's eating habit make them both a deadly enemy. WARNING: Don't mess with them! If they become real,our world (as we know it) will be EXTINCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O OMG!!!