Weegee is the Wiki's mascot and the Main character of the games and shows! He is a Legend on Planet Weegee. He lived on Planet Earth first but he destroyed it.


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Early Life and war on EarthEdit

Weegee was born to Fortran and Ulona, making him a demigod. He was sent to Planet Earth first because on Planet Weegee they thought that he would destroy the planet. As a kid he had an army and swore to destroy the planet. Eventually he changed his ways and turned into a good guy. He than became the president of the world, until some guy named Godzilla showed up and wanted his leadership. When Weegee refused to give Godzilla his leadership they started a war. After a year Weegee got rid of Godzilla's forces and won the war when he turned Godzilla into a Weegee.

Return to Planet WeegeeEdit

3 years after the great war Weegee learned of Planet Weegee. The planet he came from... He made an invention he called the Lightspeed spacecraft. But before he left he decided to destroy the f***ed up planet named Earth. 3 weeks later he arrived on the Planet and was greeted by Malleo, his brother. He was happy to meet his brother and the other inhabitants like Walleo and WaWeegee who actually hated him. He lived on the planet peacefully for 5 years.

Malleo, Weegee's brother

Battles with T-5000 and FusionEdit

5 years after Earth's destruction..... a robot known as the T-5000 landed on Planet Weegee and Killed some Inhabitants and searched for Weegee and after 34 hours he spotted him and attacked him. Weegee was calm and attacked T-5000 before the T-5000 could attack him. After 5 hours the T-5000 was forced to transform into Mach-Speed form. The T-5000 got the upperhand soon and was close to destroying Weegee. But just before he could Weegee turned into Semi-God Weegee. They had an immense battle for 4 hours and than the T-5000 transformed into his Maximum Hell Power form. They fought and destroyed most of the cities on the planet. And they were even with power. Weegee than Transformed into Ultimate God Weegee And the T-5000 transformed into Lost God! They battled for long and almost destroyed the planet with many Punches, Kicks and Energy blasts but then they clashed into eachother and fused. From the massive smoke cloud Ultimate Lost God Weegee emerged. After he was created he put all the inhabitants in a magic ball and kicked them to New Planet Weegee Than he destroyed Planet Weegee with his ultimate move: Hell breaker. Than flew off to New Planet Weegee. They defused there and Lost God told the inhabitants that thanks to their fusion he turned good. And than they said they were the protectors of New Planet Weegee.

The DoomEdit

After the immense battle between Lost God and Weegee two Demigods were released from the core of the Weegee Way Galaxy. The Light and The Darkness. They were the most evil beings in the Weegeeverse. They were causing massive destruction across the Galaxy and in a few weeks entered the Weegee System.

After 5 hours almost everything was destroyed. Just then Weegee and Lost God showed up. Lost God fought the Light and Weegee fought the Darkness. After 2 hours a beam struggle took place, it was an intense beam struggle, and Weegee and Lost God lost it. The Light and the Darkness laughed but than an immense power was felt by everyone on the planet, Lost God and Weegee fused. The Light and the Darkness knew this being was a threat, and thus the Light and the Darkness fused. And The Doom arose. They battled for days and in the end Ultimate Lost God Weegee won. The Doom appeared in another dimension called Dimension X, Ultimate Lost God Weegee teleported to Dimension X. Just before the Doom could hit him Ultimate Lost God Weegee used his Obileration beam to destroy him. After 10 seconds the Light and the Darkness appeared before Ultimate Lost God Weegee and told him that they are immortal and cannot be destroyed. They also told him that they would help him protect the planet and resurrect every being killed. They made New Planet Weegee Mark 2 and resurerected everyone who lived there. he destroyed New Planet Weegee because they almosted destroyed the planet with lots of hypernova's.

Tournament XIII and Dark WeegeeEdit

One year after the battle between the Doom and Ultimate Lost God Weegee the yearly Weegee tournament took place. Everybody could enter if they wanted. After a few days the tournament bracket was released.

It was:

Weegee vs The Darkness

Malleo vs Ahweeoh

Walleo vs Greegee

WaWeegee vs W.E.E.G.E.E.

M.A.L.L.E.O. vs Gralleo

Valleo vs Veegee

Xagee vs Xalleo

Lost God vs ?

the First round began

Weegee vs The Darkness.

Weegee said that he would go easy on The Darkness and kicked him hard. The Darkness flew through the air and Weegee teleported above the Darkness and punched him down. He landed just inside the ring. The Darkness used his Dark spiral to capture Weegee and attack him with a few hard punches and kicks. Weegee landed just inside the ring and used his finger snap to make an explosion occur. The Darkness flew out of the ring and so Weegee won the battle.

Malleo vs Ahweeoh

Ahweeoh told Malleo that this battle will be over soon and Malleo told him that he shouldn't be that sure. Ahweeoh pulled out a samurai sword and began attacking Malleo, Malleo avoided most of the attacks and punched Ahweeoh when he stopped. Ahweeoh flew out of the ring and Malleo said that he was right, it was over really fast.

Walleo vs Greegee

Greegee, the result of an experiment by scientists to create the Hero of legend (Weegee), had to fight Walleo, the money obsessed Wa version of Malleo who could people into Ice Flowa's. The battle began, Greegee used his legs to fly up into the air and fire lazer beams from his hands, which Walleo avoided. Walleo than jumped up to Greegee and used his Atomic Fart technique to hurt and paralyse Greegee. After that Walleo punched him in the stomach and kicked him out of the ring. Walleo just won the battle.

WaWeegee vs W.E.E.G.E.E.

WaWeegee, A money obsessed freak who was also the Wa version of Weegee, had to fight W.E.E.G.E.E. a mecha version of Weegee who was created after Weegee returned to Planet Weegee. WaWeegee began punching and kicking W.E.E.G.E.E. but it didn't hurt him. W.E.E.G.E.E. saw the nail anc began chasing it. And ran out of the ring.

M.A.L.L.E.O. vs Gralleo

M.A.L.L.E.O. a mecha version of Malleo, made just after W.E.E.G.E.E. was made. Had to fight Gralleo the result of an expreiment by scientitst to create the brother of the Hero of the legend who was mentioned a lot.

Gralleo began to throw thzomps at M.A.L.L.E.O. but it had no effect. Malleo saw W.E.E.G.E.E. chasing the nail and had to help W.E.E.G.E.E.

Valleo vs Veegee

Two brothers who had lived on Planet Weegee for 100 years, now had to fight eachother.

Valleo and Veegee pulled out their Samurai swords and began fighting. It was an intense battle, but after 1 minute Veegee used his Energy bomb to blast Valleo out of the ring.

Xagee vs Xalleo

Xalleo and Xagee had lived on Planet Weegee for 70 years now had to battle each other.

Xagee used his Planet bomber to destroy Xalleo but failed. Xalleo was still alive. And used his Spread energy beam to defeat Xagee.

Lost God vs Dark Weegee

Dark Weegee is a Weegee clone (fakegee) created by nostradugee to kill Weegee.

Lost God used his Maximum Hell blaster to defeat Dark Weegee. Dark Weegee said he would return.


The tournament bracket has been revealed again.

Weegee vs Walleo

Malleo vs Xalleo

Veegee vs WaWeegee

Lost God vs Gralleo

Weegee vs Walleo

Weegee used his Weegee combo to defeat Walleo

Malleo vs Xalleo

Malleo began punching him and kicking him and wanted to finish him off but than...

Dark Weegee appeared with a big fleet of airships.

Weegee and Lost God flew towards the ships while dodging massive Cannonballs. Eventually they reached the ship and battled Dark Weegee. They easily defeated him.

Revival of The Master of DarknessEdit

3 Months after the defeat of Dark Weegee, the sun of the Weegee System began to turn black and demons appeared on every planet, killing many. Weegee heard about this and flew towards the sun, and Lost God joined him. They had to figure out how they could get inside the sun. They eventually turned into Ultimate Lost God Weegee and flew inside. He found a big black heart, filled with negative energy. He needed to destroy it, thus he used his most powerfull attack: Maximum Speed Hell Breaker! It destroyed it but Nostradugee appeared and flew away. Ultimate Lost God Weegee flew out too and saw Nostradugee destroy most of the planets, including New Planet Weegee Mark 2. Ultimate Lost God Weegee was mad and flew towards Nostradugee with tremendous speed and punched him in the jaw, but instead of hurting Nostradugee it hurt Ultimate Lost God Weegee himself. They figured Nostradugee was the devil of the Weegeeverse and had to much negative energy to be destroyed by Ultimate Lost God Weegee. Nostradugee dissappeared and Ultimate Lost God Weegee was in such a rage that he transformed! He was in his perfect form, that form was as powerfull as Ogee (the creator of the Weegeeverse. Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee flew off to find Nostradugee and defeat him. On his way, Ogee told him that he would need the Elemental Sword to destroy Nostradugee. He told him that 4 elemental medals were scattered across the Weegeeverse and that they where located in the northern quadrant, the southern quadrant (where he is now), the Western quadrant and the eastern quadrant. Ogee had the first medal and gave him the Earth medal. Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee flew off with a speed that was 100 times faster than light speed. In 5 hours he reached Planet T Mark 2 located in the northern quadrant. He landed on the planet and found the T-6000 who was in posession of the Fire medal. Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee told him the whole story but the T-6000 wanted him to prove his power and defeat him. The T-6000 attacked Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee and even used his most powerfull attack against him, but it didn't hurt him. Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee punched through him with 0.000000000000000000000001% of his power, destroying the T-6000. Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee took his medal. He than flew off to the West Quadrant and landed on Planet Earth Mark 2, the humans and cyborgs invented a giant robot named DESTRUCTOR. It was a 1000 feet tall. Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee battled the DESTRUCTOR and used his finger snap to make him explode. He than took the Water medal. After 8 hours of flying he reached Planet X, a planet where everything was deadly. The king of the planet told Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee that he would have to destroy every single man on the planet. Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee said he would like this and he began charging up a Hypernova. The king saw the giant sun in the sky and told everyone to flee using the spaceships. Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee was done charging and fired the Hypernova. The inhabitants weren't fast enough to get to the spaceships and Planet X was destroyed. He saw the Air medal floating in space and quickly grabbed it. The four medals began flying around each other and eventually collided. The result: The Elemental Sword. Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee grabbed the sword and flew off to the center of the Weegeeverse to kill Nostradugee.

After 12 hours he reached the center and saw Nostradugee. He attacked him and it hurt Nostradugee. Ogee told Nostradugee that the sword is filled with positive energy of every being in the Weegeeverse. They began battling, Nostradugee was easily defeated, and Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee was about to fly away. But Nostradugee appeared with his Ultimate Negative Energy Ball. He threw it at Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee and Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weeegee used his Perfect Ultimate Positive Energy Beam to counter Nostradugee's attack. Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee was winning and his move destroyed Nostradugee. The Weegeeverse wasn't rid of evil of course. Before Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee left he ressurected everybody killed and he restored every planet destroyed by Nostradugee. And he left for New Planet Weegee Mark 2. he left for the planet because it was destroyed by Nostradugee and created New Planet Weegee Mark 3.

After the death of Nostradugee Boozuh found Nostradugee and revived him and Nostradugee revived Dark Weegee and in a while Weegee and Lost God were celebrating the death of Nostradugee but Nostradugee and Dark Weegee showed up Nostradugee killed Boozuh for saying dont touch that stove and he blasted him (Similar to what happened in The Return of Nazo) Weegee and Lost God fused into Ultimate Lost God Weegee and Nostradugee and Dark Weegee fused into Darkadugee after that Ultimate Lost God Weegee remembered the death of The Darkness and The Light so Ultimate Lost God Weegee transformed into Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee and Darkadugee transformed into Perfect Darkadugee and Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee transformed into Ultra Ultimate Lost God Weegee and killed Darkadugee with the Ultra Hypernova.


Weegee is usually a nice guy but if you make him mad you will be one of the many WEEGEE'S! He is very heroic and cares a lot about the people of his planet and his friends.


Malleo His brother

Greegee Also a rival

W.E.E.G.E.E. Also a rival

Walleo Also a rival

WaWeegee Sometimes

Xagee also a rival

Xalleo also a rival

Fortran His father

Ulona his mother

Lost God best friend, fusee







Veegee Also an enemy

Valleo also an enemy

Guiyii (Odd clone)

Hyper C-man (hates him spamming)



Dark Weegee




inhabitants of Planet Earth Mark 2

inhabitants of Planet X

inhabitants of Planet T Mark 2


Semi-God Weegee

Ultimate God Weegee

Ultimate Lost God Weegee (when fusing with lost god) sub transformation: Perfect Ultimate Lost God Weegee

ultra transformation: Ultra Ultimate Lost God Weegee

Evil Weegee

Evil Evil Weegee