Malleo is Weegee's brother and The one who saves Princess Paesh all the time... He can turn people into Fire flowa's!


Early lifeEdit

He was born to Fortran and Ulona, and unlike Weegee, his brother, he was not sent to a distant planet, because they thought he wouldn't be dangerous. As a kid he hated Boozuh and always wanted to turn him into a fire flowa, but the teachers didn't allow it. So he turned them into fire flowa's!

Later on he wanted to go to Yushee's island, while he was only 6... Yushee's island was a very dangerous place to go, because there where dinosaurs.... but he didn't care and decided to go anyway... When he arrived he saw how dreadfull the place was... it was filled with flowers! And some dinosaurs attacked him, but he turned them into fire flowa's. After that he met Yushee, who looked like bacon to Malleo because he hasn't eaten anything... so he tried to eat Yushee, but he failed.... and Yushee put him on his back... After that they defeated Boozuh, who had stole the cookies...

Saving the prinzespsEdit

When he turned 15 he heard that Boozuh had Weegeenapped Prinzesps Pweachz.... he was going to save her, because she owns him some cake. He had many obstacles on his way like Weeba's, Weeba Troopa's, Weeper's, Wee Bill's and many more... Eventually he reached Boozuh and tried to kill him with an axe, Boozuh had some extra lives though... So Malleo kept throwing the axe in his face until he fainted.... He than took the Prinzesps and told her he only saved her because she had to give him some cake... the Prinzesps said she didn't have cake and Malleo threw an Axe in her face! :D He than killed every Woad who told him the Prinzesps was in another castle...

Return of the better brotherEdit

3 years after he saved the Prinzesps he saw Weegee landing on Planet Weegee, He was really happy he got to see his brother after 15 years! He welcomed Weegee and gave him a tour around the planet. Making him meet Walleo, WaWeegee and more. After that he took Weegee to the Prinzesps to throw an Axe in her face! :D

The T-5000 and time in heavenEdit

5 years after Weegee laded a robot named the T-5000 appeared on Planet Weegee, Malleo attacked him, but was killed... he went to heaven and played online Woker with his father. After 3 hours he heard the voice of Prinzesps Pweachz, so he ran towards her, she expected a hug, but he threw an axe in her face! :D Boozuh appeared afterwards and had a battle with Malleo, until they told eachother that fighting with eachother is pointless and they became frenemies! After that they played online Woker and than they were ressurected and saw they where on a New Planet Weegee!

The doom and time in heaven 2Edit

Malleo was just minding his own business.... than he died. He thought this was the work of Ogee and went to him, Ogee told him he didn't do it and that the Darkness and the Light did it. So Malleo decided to play online Woker again until he was ressurected.

Tournament XIIIEdit

One year after the battle between the Doom and Ultimate Lost God Weegee the yearly Weegee tournament took place. Everybody could enter if they wanted. After a few days the tournament bracket was released.

It was:

Weegee vs The Darkness

Malleo vs [[Ahweooh]

Walleo vs Greegee

WaWeegee vs W.E.E.G.E.E.

M.A.L.L.E.O. vs Gralleo

Valleo vs Veegee

Xagee vs Xalleo

Lost God vs ?

the First round began

Weegee vs The Darkness.

Weegee said that he would go easy on The Darkness and kicked him hard. The Darkness flew through the air and Weegee teleported above the Darkness and punched him down. He landed just inside the ring. The Darkness used his Dark spiral to capture Weegee and attack him with a few hard punches and kicks. Weegee landed just inside the ring and used his finger snap to make an explosion occur. The Darkness flew out of the ring and so Weegee won the battle.

Malleo vs Ahweeoh

Ahweeoh told Malleo that this battle will be over soon and Malleo told him that he shouldn't be that sure. Ahweeoh pulled out a samurai sword and began attacking Malleo, Malleo avoided most of the attacks and punched Ahweeoh when he stopped. Ahweeoh flew out of the ring and Malleo said that he was right, it was over really fast.

Walleo vs Greegee

Greegee, the result of an experiment by scientists to create the Hero of legend (Weegee), had to fight Walleo, the money obsessed Wa version of Malleo who could people into Ice Flowa's. The battle began, Greegee used his legs to fly up into the air and fire lazer beams from his hands, which Walleo avoided. Walleo than jumped up to Greegee and used his Atomic Fart technique to hurt and paralyse Greegee. After that Walleo punched him in the stomach and kicked him out of the ring. Walleo just won the battle.

WaWeegee vs W.E.E.G.E.E.

WaWeegee, A money obsessed freak who was also the Wa version of Weegee, had to fight W.E.E.G.E.E. a mecha version of Weegee who was created after Weegee returned to Planet Weegee. WaWeegee began punching and kicking W.E.E.G.E.E. but it didn't hurt him. W.E.E.G.E.E. saw the nail and began chasing it. And ran out of the ring.

M.A.L.L.E.O. vs Gralleo

M.A.L.L.E.O. a mecha version of Malleo, made just after W.E.E.G.E.E. was made. Had to fight Gralleo the result of an expreiment by scientitst to create the brother of the Hero of the legend who was mentioned a lot.

Gralleo began to throw thzomps at M.A.L.L.E.O. but it had no effect. Malleo saw W.E.E.G.E.E. chasing the nail and had to help W.E.E.G.E.E.

Valleo vs Veegee

Two brothers who had lived on Planet Weegee for 100 years, now had to fight eachother.

Valleo and Veegee pulled out their Samurai swords and began fighting. It was an intense battle, but after 1 minute Veegee used his Energy bomb to blast Valleo out of the ring.

Xagee vs Xalleo

Xalleo and Xagee had lived on Planet Weegee for 70 years now had to battle each other.

Xagee used his Planet bomber to destroy Xalleo but failed. Xalleo was still alive. And used his Spread energy beam to defeat Xagee.

Lost God vs Dark Weegee

Dark Weegee is a Weegee clone (fakegee) created by nostradugee to kill Weegee.

Lost God used his Maximum Hell blaster to defeat Dark Weegee. Dark Weegee said he would return.


The tournament bracket has been revealed again.

Weegee vs Walleo

Malleo vs Xalleo

Veegee vs WaWeegee

Lost God vs Gralleo

Weegee vs Walleo

Weegee used his Weegee combo to defeat Walleo

Malleo vs Xalleo

Malleo began punching him and kicking him and wanted to finish him off but than...

Dark Weegee appeared with a big fleet of airships. Malleo than left the tournament because he knew that Weegee and Lost God would handle it. Once he was home he began playing Prinzesps massacre 46.

Super Wario and Waluigi (Shupa Walleo and Waweegee)Edit

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